After surging onto the scene in 2007, BERMANFALK has turned momentum and raw talent into long-term success and is now one of the most sought-after manufacturers of casegoods in the hospitality industry. Each year, BERMANFALK defies limitations and changes the belief that there isn’t a way, by finding a way—showing everyone that impossible isn’t in their playbook. So who is BERMANFALK? What do they stand for? This week, we interviewed Amy Devine, BERMANFALK’s Manager of Projects, who embodies one of the company’s driving values, passion, to find out.

What made you decide to work in the hospitality manufacturing industry? What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned about the industry since working at BERMANFALK?

Passion is my biggest motivator, so deciding to work in the hospitality manufacturing industry was a natural one for me. This industry offers unprecedented opportunity, and for someone with an interior design background, it combined working with people who not only inspired me but pushed me to continually strive to better myself and my skillset. Working with designers from all across North America, bringing their ideas and vision to life, has been an opportunity of a lifetime, and working for BERMANFALK has allowed me to explore my passion in unprecedented ways.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned? That there is no detail too small!

How do you infuse passion into your work? What does passion mean to you at BERMANFALK?

Being part of a team that creates unique pieces of furniture that, in many cases, exemplify and celebrate the surrounding areas we’re working in is so rewarding. It really takes passion and enthusiasm to create something so unique and in alignment with a designers vision. You have to care just as much as they do, and to me, that’s how our team is different. We believe in what we’re doing, and alter the smallest details to capture the nuances of each project, whether it’s in Hawaii, New York, Seattle, or Vancouver.

What motivates you to embody BERMANFALK’s motto, “Your Style. Your Way.”?

Every designer we work with has a certain flair, a specific style or signature that they bring to their work, and we bring that to life in the furniture we create. Being able to tell them yes when other manufacturers have said no is a huge motivator—there is something so special about bringing someone’s vision to life, and that’s what we do here at BERMANFALK. That’s what “Your Style. Your Way” means.

Can you tell us more about your role at BERMANFALK?

My official title is Manager of Projects, but the day-to-day and ins-and-outs really make me feel more like a conductor! There is so much orchestration that goes on behind the scenes, with so many moving parts—my title really should be Master Multitasker!

How do you approach your work with designers and hoteliers?

What we produce is custom furniture, and our approach is no different. Although the core values of BERMANFALK are shared by our entire team, we all customize our approach, and my approach is tailored to suit each client. Custom furniture is created by unique designers, and each of them requires something different from each of us. No two projects are the same.

What is the most challenging part of being in the business of casegoods and seating manufacturing?

I’d say it’s not having the ability to read minds! We often have clients who have these amazing ideas on what they would like to see, but they just can’t articulate their thoughts. This creates quite the challenge for us, but luckily, our team is up to the task of taking what thoughts we have captured and presenting ideas through our drawings or finishes. Usually, we are able to capture their vision.

Do you have any tips/tricks that help you stay passionate, motivated, and focused day to day?

Yoga and my calendar. One keeps me calm, strong and focused, and the other keeps me on track!