Our Values Connect Us

BDNY 2018

Minimal, interactive, and inspiring, this year we took to the floor of BDNY with a brand new booth concept. The theme? Connection. The idea was simple, and the result exceeded all our expectations, earning BERMANFALK a place as a finalist for best booth.

Highlighting our similarities and differences using a series of questions and string, our booth transformed from an empty canvas to an interactive piece of art, and started conversations about the hospitality industry, creativity in the industry, the political climate, and the future—which is exactly what we intended to do.

These conversations inspired us and reinforced how the industry continues to be driven by customization and the creation of unique designs and concepts, even in the face of change and uncertainty in the market. No matter what challenges there are, the industry’s desire to create thrives, and their ability to adapt in order to accommodate tariffs and unexpected curveballs highlights the passion and determination that exists in every sector.


This year, BERMANFALK reps from across North America gathered in New York, not only for BDNY, but for a rep conference and hotel walkthrough of Mondrian on Park Avenue. This opportunity gave us the chance to thank our team for their tireless work, to collaborate and share what we’ve learned, and to show off a property we worked on to the entire team. Events like this start conversations and facilitate creativity, and what better place is there for us to gather than New York before an event like BDNY?

Our Takeaways

Our booth depended on the participation of attendees, and their response made all the difference to our team. We were able to bring our vision to life because of the people in this industry, and every year they show us how full of passion and determination they are. Moreover, we were incredibly proud to have people seek us out because of our previous booth concepts, and have people know our names because of things we had done in the past. Striking our own path and being a creative leader is what we strive for every day, and hearing the industry reinforce this position made us incredibly proud.