Live Edge Tables: Trend or Tradition?

This might be a bold statement, but we stand by it. Live edge furniture isn’t a trend.

It’s a resurgence of contemporary furniture tradition, and we only see it growing and becoming a fixture in the hospitality industry—specifically, live edge dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables.

These distinct, powerful pieces marry aesthetics, style, and sustainability. Each piece is unique, bringing the outside in and highlighting the perfect imperfections of nature. What’s more is that they embody all the features millennials are looking for when it comes to a new-age luxury hotel experience.

A 2015 study found that hotel guests want both luxury and sustainability, and another poses the provocative but insightful soundbite that millennials are looking for hotels that offer sustainable luxury, taking green travel from niche to necessary. This extends beyond live edge tables, but the presence of reclaimed material in high-end hotels is sending a clear message to hotel guests: we’re listening, we’re committed, we’re doing our part. And it just happens to be beautiful.

People appreciate uniqueness, a trend we’re seeing more and more of as designers and consumers move away from mass-produced options in search of something with character; something that is memorable and makes a statement. Live edge tables are pieces that do just that. Their allure has increased with the resurgence of modern farmhouse and industrial design, causing some people to mistake their popularity as a trend, but in our experience and work with designers, we’ve found that bringing the chic elegance of nature indoors has a staying power that defies time.

Key takeaways:

  • Live edge tables are a holistic design element that speaks to a consumers desire for uniqueness
  • Sustainable business practices and purchases are important to millennials
  • Guests are willing to pay more to stay at a hotel that aligns with their beliefs (green practices)
  • Live edge tables aren’t a trend; they’re here to stay.

Earlier this year, our Vancouver team moved into a brand new building, custom-designed to inspire and embody the spirit of BERMANFALK. And, with a little help from our very own John Giang, our environment does the same. John, our Manager of Manufacturing and Quality Assurance in Vietnam, donated a beautiful live edge table and it has become one of the focal pieces of our head office. Crafted from a 750-year-old Vietnamese Acacia tree, the table (drawn by Keisha and Kelly from our in-house Design department) is simultaneously holistic and modern, combining the rawness of nature with the needs of a modern workspace—it even has a computer, phone, and TV port. This piece demonstrates the vision of BERMANFALK, with Marcel Daigneault, our Manager of Operations and Warranty, spending hours and hours of hands-on work fabricating, bringing the vision and creativity to life. This is what we call inspired.

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