BDNY 2017

New York is a city where anything is possible. Where creativity is sparked and imagination is magnified. This year, that unique combination of opportunity and energy filled the floors of BDNY as every exhibitor pushed the limit and simultaneously enchanted and inspired attendees with their take on the future of hospitality design.

Every year we attend BDNY, we leave inspired and motivated to make the impossible, possible. To work with designers who are told their imagination needs to be cut back because their vision can’t be manufactured. To reach farther and produce industry-leading casegoods and seating. At BERMANFALK, we believe in “Your Style. Your Way” and this year our booth at BDNY made sure every attendee knew it.

Collaboration With Timothy Goodman

We wanted to show hospitality designers that they can be fearless with their design when they work with BERMANFALK, so we partnered with critically-acclaimed New York artist Timothy Goodman to create a truly unique booth for BDNY 2017. Goodman’s style is fearless and bold, and he used our booth and casegoods as a canvas to create a custom mural. The result was something truly inspiring and our team is honoured and humbled to have won BDNY’s “Best Exhibit” prize. We could not have done it without Timothy and our team who strives every day to give designers the freedom to create without rules.

Prize Giveaways

We designed our booth to not only be a canvas, but a prize for two attendees who entered into our draw for a Timothy Goodman original. If you are eagerly awaiting to hear if you are one of the winners, hold tight! We will be making an announcement in the next couple of weeks and shipping the lucky winners’ prize to them as soon as possible. Keep checking back to find out if your name has been drawn!

BDWest 2018

Meeting designers and hoteliers is our favourite part of every show and our favourite part of being in this industry. The inspiration you take away from design shows is indescribable and the connections you make are long-lasting—it is truly a creativity atmosphere full of opportunity. If you missed us at BDNY 2017, or want to catch up with our team, come see us at BDWest 2018 this April and see what BERMANFALK will be doing next.