Prepare for impact.

When it comes to being a leader, we at BERMANFALK have always prided ourselves on standing for integrity. We’re conscious of how our actions impact the communities and environments we operate in. And we believe the future of hospitality is being responsible stewards for everyone’s health, wellness and our planet. This also means fostering innovation to tackle some of the biggest challenges around the globe. Every business decision we make is to provide you with the confidence that our products and solutions are not only right for you, but also stand to make a difference.

Hospitality and the path forward.

The hospitality industry has a major impact on people and environments around the globe. Together, we have the opportunity to consciously approach hospitality design differently with principles that take our impact into consideration and allow us to make choices that benefit the Earth and our communities. Not to mention, with every visit hotel guests are searching more and more for places that prioritize sustainability and social justice. This opens a space for us to better align our work and values to meet the needs of the ever changing world. Our responsibilities within the hospitality industry are growing as we learn more about the ways in which we can create and inspire change.

In today’s world, data is becoming the key for businesses to make informed decisions. The data that we are collecting on our product lines will allow us to set new benchmarks, innovate new approaches, and provide transparency for our clients.

Our Proven Success.

We are very proud that we have received a Leader rating for many of our product lines from the MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP), solidifying us as a confident choice in environmentally and socially conscious hospitality design. As an industry leader, we have always prioritized aligning our manufacturing processes with our core values when bringing our clients’ visions to life. Sharing this achievement is a testament to our respect and care for the communities and environments that inspire us.

The MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program rates the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance of manufacturers and their product, from beginning to end of the product life cycle. The assessment is backed by a 200 point system that looks at our business with the utmost transparency and care. Learn more about our MSAP score by visiting our profile on Design for Health, the digital studio for Climate, Health and Equity by creating a free account.

We’re pleased to be featured in the vendor library of Design for Health, and to share our environmental and social responsibility achievements with the hospitality industry. Learn more about the vendor library by visiting and create a free account.

Our Commitments



By ensuring our processes, materials, and spaces align with our vision for a healthier Earth, we at BERMANFALK help our clients to create inspiring designs backed by data that they can feel confident about.


Recognizing our role and impact on the environments in which we operate, we work with our manufacturing facilities to continually monitor consumption and set reduction targets.


We work to provide high quality products that make a lasting difference, contain sustainably harvested materials, and include product families that are compliant with chemicals of high concern.


To support our commitment to advancing social and environmental sustainability across our products and company operations, BERMANFALK will be rated annually in MindClick’s Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP).



As a people-driven business, we make it a standard practice to not discriminate based on gender, race, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or other discrimination factors.

Health & Safety

Through policy implementation, we ensure that our activities do not negatively impact basic needs, including access to food, water, sanitation and healthcare in local communities.

Fair Pay

We ensure that all our employees are paid equal or above industry-standard wages. Additionally, we meet or exceed minimum wage requirements in any region where we have employees.

Responsible Supply Chain

We are very proud of our suppliers, partners, and manufacturing facilities, who we hold to the same BERMANFALK standards as part of our stringent vetting process so that every aspect of our work positively impacts communities around the globe.


Human Rights Policy

We are committed to the betterment of all our employees, partners, and supply chain workers and strive to foster positive environments free of harassment, discrimination and abuse.


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, created to align with RESPECT, is founded on five key areas: equal opportunity, open communication, honesty & integrity, fair compensation, and suppliers we are proud to be partnered with.