This year at BDNY, we wanted to see your creativity and you delivered!

BERMANFALK focuses on a design driven process. That’s why at BDNY 2016, we wanted to showcase the talent of our designers by opening up the booth to artistic expression! We offered visitors the chance to sketch a chair design, which were displayed at the booth and on our website. Submissions to our chair design contest were innovative and inspiring. Some examples below:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our one-of-a-kind design competition. All of the sketches were amazing but only one can win a custom manufactured chair. Stay tuned for the winning chair design. We will be posting the name soon.

This year was special for us, not only because we increased our square footage but we also had the privilege of showcasing sketches from acclaimed designer Philippe Starck. These sketches were used to promote our latest venture into seating and, by our motto “Let’s Invent Together”, inspire our guests to design their own chair.

Another special collaboration happened between us and Van Dresser Company‘s creative vision in the layout, staging, custom carpentry and the choice of using Italian sculptor Massimo Lunardon’s handcrafted glass aliens to spark creative conversations between designers and manufacturers. Collaboration is a huge part of BERMANFALK’s process and we appreciate each and every one of our partners.