After surging onto the scene in 2007, BERMANFALK has turned momentum and raw talent into long-term success and is now one of the most sought-after manufacturers of casegoods in the hospitality industry. Each year, BERMANFALK defies limitations and changes the belief that there isn’t a way, by finding a way—showing everyone that impossible isn’t in their playbook. So who is BERMANFALK? What do they stand for? This week, we interviewed Aaron Berman, BERMANFALK’s Operations Manager, who embodies one of the company’s driving values, integrity, to find out.

What made you decide to work in the hospitality manufacturing industry?

Working in this industry was an opportunity for me to work with a unique set of individuals who share a common goal of creating amazingly designed casegoods and seating all across North America.

What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned about the industry since working at BERMANFALK?

The biggest lesson I have learnt since starting in this industry is that communication with our clients is the key. Every project is large and complex in its own way; its when all stakeholders involved come together as a unified team that success is almost guaranteed! When you set out to form strong relationships, it makes sharing in the success of their project that much more fulfilling.

How do you infuse integrity into your work? What does integrity mean to you at BERMANFALK?

Integrity is at the core of what we do here at BERMANFALK. We understand our clients’ vision right from day one and know that transparency is key. We know that our clients are trusting us with critical elements of their hotel project and we really are an extension of their business. Integrity to us is the willingness to share, communicate and be transparent with our client on all sides of a project; from quotation to final installation.

What motivates you to embody BERMANFALK’s motto, “Your Style. Your Way.”?

Bringing a client’s vision into reality is a true passion for everyone here at BERMANFALK. We realize that the first time our clients see their designs are when model pieces are delivered, and we take great pride in bringing these to reality for them. Waiting for the “WOW” when they see a produced piece is the core behind our motto of “Your Style. Your Way”. We partner with our clients early in the process to make sure all details are captured and their inspiration and design intent is in every detail of each piece of furniture.

Can you tell us more about your role at BERMANFALK?

My role as Operations Manager at BERMANFALK encompasses the day-to-day operations of our business. I am responsible for our project management team and ensuring that all details come together on each project. As well as overseeing our project managers I work with our design team on best practices for turning out detailed drawings for each project. In addition to outward client-facing activities, I also deal with the internal structure of our business, bringing talented people to build the team at BERMANFALK. We are a strong group of like-minded individuals who come together every day to form a very dynamic team. We take great pride in our people who in turn translate that into success with each client we work with.

How do you approach your work with designers and hoteliers?

Although most of my work comes on the operational side of our business, when I work directly with designers and clients I approach everything with a partnership mindset. We’re a trusted resource for our clients and an extension of their team. We share the mutual goals of doing our very best and producing great casegoods and furniture. Sharing commonalities with clients and our team is a recipe for success on any project.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you stay passionate, motivated, and focused day to day?

I think bringing an energetic attitude to any work environment helps motivate and keep you focused. The ability to problem solve when tasks are challenging and to celebrate your collective victories is key to creating passion and building integrity within your organization. Passion comes from loving what you do and enjoying the people you work with every day. Being on teams my entire life has allowed me to realize that it takes a whole host of great people to achieve success and when you all work together it makes the successes that much more rewarding. This is key, not only for building our team internally, but for creating the mindset that keeps us passionate about each project that we get to work on. Motivation comes from being able to face tough tasks or complex projects head on and saying, “we will find a way to achieve success.” Again, taking these types of situations and coming out successful really does inspire everyone to keep reaching higher and higher.